Lsd Advantages And Disadvantages

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Lysergic acid diethylamide, more popularly known as LSD or acid, is a psychedelic drug that has a long and controversial history in the United States. LSD, a schedule one drug, is a product of diethylamine and lysergic acid and has its roots in medicine, recreation, and spiritual ceremonies. It is most well-known for its hallucinogenic and psychotropic properties. On top of its more traditional claims to fame, it has also been involved in conspiracies concerning the intelligence agency. LSD was first introduced to the world in 1938 when it was developed by Albert Hofmann, a Swiss chemist. Hofmann’s studies were centered on developing a medically relevant ergot alkaloid derivative. The discovery of the psychedelic effects of LSD was not discovered…show more content…
The LSD crystals are then combined with excipients or dissolved in order to produce an ingestible product. The process of creating LSD has both benefits and disadvantages. The positive side of LSD arises because of the sheer volume that can be produced. Because the active dose of LSD is such as small concentration that five or six kilograms of the finished LSD drug can represent as many as one hundred million doses of the drug in its ingestible form. The miniscule size of the dosages represents another advantage in that it made the drug much easier to conceal than other drugs such as cocaine or cannabinoids. Methods of concealment commonly take the form of blotter paper or aerosol…show more content…
Synthesis done in an established lab under the care of professional chemists, however, leads to pure product of high quality. Professional production of this scale is usually only conducted for potential medications. In fact, LSD was first prescribed as a medication to treat those with mental functioning problems. Although LSD was first designed as a medication to treat psychiatric disorders, in the past seventy years or so, it has branched out into other areas of interest, mainly recreational and ritualistic use. Despite being designed as medication intended to help those with psychiatric trouble, LSD currently holds no approved medical use. It was determined that the hallucinations and other side effects far outweighed any benefits that the drug may have enacted. In today’s society, LSD is most commonly seen in the recreational and, more often, spiritual categories of its consumption. Recreational consumption of LSD reached its peak during the 1960’s as the youth culture of the time had accepted hallucinogenic drugs as the staple for ingestion. The public acceptance in addition to abundant advocacy from popular public images, notably the Grateful Dead who provided the primary avenue of distribution through their concerts, carried LSD use to an all-time high. The use of LSD has dropped dramatically from what it was in the early stages of the 1960’s after
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