Lsi Life Styles Inventory Paper

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GM 591 Yvonne Hobbs
LSI Paper
The life styles inventory is a survey of questions that help us to gain an insight into our own personality and what type of behaviors we exert to others as individuals. It helps us to look at the positive and negative qualities of our personalities and ways to improve upon them. A look at my LSI styles complex radiates that my primary thinking style is linked to the avoidance category. The avoidance scale states that I tend to use the strategy of withdrawal by hiding my feelings and being shy to express myself. It also states that as things become more threatening to me the more I tend to avoid those situations. These thinking styles are linked to feelings of denying responsibility for my own
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There are times where I feel the need to dominate and lead the way such as when working with my dad in his apartment management company. I observe him overruling his tenants and exerting his power to put people in their place and follow the complex rules and regulations, and have somehow manifested those qualities into myself, like in example, if I am at work and he is not there then I do find myself to be quite dominating and exerting my power to get tenants to do what there suppose to do or pay their rent. I also find myself being dominating to people I know are weaker than me or just shy and not outspoken about their feelings. The other style that I was tied with is the conventional scale which measures my tendency to act in a conforming way. These tendencies are characterized by perceiving rules as a source of comfort and security. There is also a preference for staying unseen and unnoticed and a tendency to cover up my mistakes. There is also preoccupation with appearing to be average and just like everyone else. Additionally there is a reduction in originality which is very true for my behavior. These characteristics are also a bit contrary to my power and authoritarian style but somehow I find myself being shy as well as authoritarian in certain situations. I would have to say however that the conventional characteristic is one that I might have to disagree with because

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