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Life Styles Inventory Paper
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MGMT591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior Student: Rodney Belk
Dr. Kimberly Hunley
May 15, 2016

After taking the lifestyles inventory interpretation test my primary and secondary personal thinking styles are more apparent to me. I have scored the highest in percentile of Oppositional and Power styles and very closely followed by perfectionist and competitive styles. My percentile scores in these areas were 99% for oppositional, 99% for power, and 95% for competitive. Regarding the primary style, oppositional, it is a very close perception of who I am. Taking the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) survey has really made me realized and confirm many
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Based on the LSI self development guide, because I have high ratings in "power", "perfectionists", "opposition", and "competition", I am supposed to be generally unpleasant to be around. I am supposedly very "dominating" in the varying relationships I have around others. However, I do not sense this at all from when I interactive with others. It is true that I am really hard on myself and I try to do my best all the time, but I do not ever purposely try to imply my belief system onto One style that I think might be working against me is that of the self-actualizing style. This style is the reflection of myself as an individual. I kind of believe that I should have scored a little bit higher than I did, but It is true, I do not take too much time for myself for self-reflection on how I can continue to grow as an individual and effectively diagnose my management styles and the effect this has on me as a manager. I need to create time and reflect on how I can continue to grow as a person so that there will not be gaps in how I operate at the management level. This is one of the categories that I feel is truly working against me as I will need to do this in order to grow and adapt into a good manager. The impact these styles have on management is a very interesting perspective and when blending these styles together it makes for a very interesting type of management. Lastly as far as a competitive manager goes they are

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