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INTRODUCTION The Life Style Inventory (LSI) assessment measures 12 styles of thinking. By studying results on these 12 styles of thinking one can determine leadership effectiveness of an individual. I took this assessment and will be discussing various topics about my assessment including personal thinking styles, impact on management style and genesis of personal styles.
Primary and Back-Up Styles My primary style or the style with the highest percentile as shown by the LSI assessment is oppositional. A person with an oppositional style is aggressive and defensive when dealing with people. They ask the hard questions, but sometimes use it to make someone else feel bad. These people make others feel
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Someone with a higher achievement score may lead by example. Another aspect that may make it hard to lead is my high oppositional style. A high score signifies someone that is critical of employees and may not be able to lead. The oppositional style may make some employees defensive and they will not be open to be led. My low score on afiliative style may impact my organizing ability. This low score lends itself to lack of meaningful relationships. This lack of relationships may make it difficult to divide tasks between employees. My high score in competitiveness may make it difficult to trust others to do the work. In order to win and do the job the way I think it needs done, I will not pass it on to someone else. These two styles will make it difficult to organize people to complete work. The lower score of approval style and the high score of perfectionistic may show that my controlling ability will be successful. The low score of approval style shows that I do not need approval to make decisions. That I will voice my opinions and do what needs done to change what I perceive is wrong. This goes along with the perfectionistic style. Trying to be perfect will make me want to make changes in order to complete perfect tasks. The high dependent style score signifies that I may have problems with planning. Someone with a high dependent score needs assurance

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