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Richard Timian

Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Friday, September 14, 2007


The Life Styles Inventory (LSI) is a self-assessment diagnostic instrument that measures 12 key thinking patterns, or "styles". The LSI promotes performance change and improvement by increasing personal understanding of one's thinking and behavior. By responding to these 240 inventory items, individuals learn exactly where they need to focus their development efforts, without ambiguity or guesswork. The results of the self-description are plotted on a circular graph for easy visualization of how the individual thinks and behaves in the 12 LSI styles. This profile acts as a personalized developmental needs assessment,
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I am committed to make things better either for myself or may organization. I feel I have adopted the idea that my effort makes little difference in the outcome of things in my current work environment. Thus, creates a self doubt and undermines my potential to improve things timely.
2. Organizing: When organizing my work assignments and tasks, I tend to over book my allotted time. I would prioritize tasks based on who needs them by what date not on effectiveness. My time management skills desperately need an overhaul.
3. Leading: A moderate achievement style person tends to lead by example. I am capable of doing my best, but it sometimes causes me to set goals that are un realistically high. Although my achievement orientation is not as it should be, I think I have the potential to grow and improve with the help of this LSI. As the material in Human Synergistics-International 1994, overviews this style as dealing with personal effectiveness that result in attaining high-quality results.
4. Controlling: Under an achievement style of operating, it made sense to me of why I have changed. I saw that when getting close to retirement and the threat of our organization being re-located, I needed to establish a style that would produce a predictable secure situation. But in effect I stagnated and went with the flow as it were. I sacrificed the cost of learning, adaptability, and ultimate survival. Hence, why the low score in

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