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D03454209 | LSI Style Interpretation | Leadership and Organizational Behavior | GM5910N_HProfessor Kenneth Goldsmith | Robert Neal White | 8/31/2011 |


After finishing the LSI Style Interpretation for this class I was identified as have the humanistic- encouraging style as my top style with a score of 38 which placed me in the top 93 percent of persons who took the interpretation. My second top style was the affiliative style in which I scored 37 and placed in the top 90 percent of persons who took the interpretation. After contemplating my work / leadership style(s) and comparing how I interact with co- workers and subordinates, I agree with the results and will further discuss my reasoning in this paper.
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In this manner my strong family values further shows that I display the characteristics of an affiliative person since I “value relationships above all else” (International, Affiliative, 2011)
One of my styles that was identified on the LSI survey that works against me is my drive to do my best- at all I do. In a small way I attach self-worth to my work and projects. I do not think that I am a perfectionist as the survey list me, but I do think that the desire to produce “flawless” products that “whow” others is something I need to work on. I have grown less attached to the desire to “whow” others over the last 3 years, since I have realized that even a “whow” given to me now will not be remembered in 6 months. To be perfect sets a person up for an even larger fall when mistakes are made. The team that I lead in Afghanistan has learned from experience that I expect them to perform well but understand and accept when perfect is not obtainable. I had several talks with them while in deployed and explained that my only wish was for them to come home safely. Delivering a perfect no mistake mission while in combat was unrealistic and out of the question. As long as safety to my team was obtained – all else could fail an outsiders inspection. By allowing a less than perfect product, there, I won the respect of my team. Learning to lower my expectations in a non-combat environment will be a little harder. I feel it will benefit both my team and

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