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LSTD 207 Final Exam Answers LSTD 207 Final Exam Part 1 of 1 – 100.0 Points Question 1 of 30 2.5 Points A defendant should always raise any objections to personal jurisdiction in the first response to the plaintiff’s complaint or the issue is waived and may not be reconsidered. True False Feedback: See pages 118, 120-121. A defendant must raise objections to venue, personal jurisdiction, and form and method of service of process in their first response to the complaint (pre-answer or answer) or the issue is waived and may not be reconsidered at a later time. Question 2 of 30 2.5 Points A defendant can remove a case from state court to…show more content…
Question 5 of 30 2.5 Points Which of the following cases CAN NOT be heard in federal court? A.A claim based on the Age Discrimination under the Federal Employment Act. B.A tort claim between citizens of the same state. C.A case brought by the State of New Jersey against the State of New York. D.A case between a citizen from Maine and a citizen from Rhode Island, where the claim is more than $75,000. Feedback: Questions of federal law and diversity between different states and citizens of different states are within the jurisdiction of Federal courts. State tort cases between citizens of the SAME state are restricted to state court. Question 6 of 30 2.5 Points Johnson (D. Mass) wants to sue Alcott (D.N.H.) and Montgomery (D. Me.) for trasspassing on Johnson’s property in Massachusetts. Where would Venue be proper? A.D.N.H. B.D. Me. C.D.N.H. or D. Me. D.D. Mass Feedback: This case would be governed by §1391(a) as it is a diversity case. The defendants do not live in the same state, making section 1 unavailable. That leaves section 2, a district in which a substantial part of the acts or omissions occurred. Here the tresspass alleged occurred in D. Mass. making it a district where venue is proper. Because Section 2 produced a district in which venue is proper, section 3 is not applicable. Because the defendants do not reside in the same state, none of their

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