Lt Service Request Sr-Kf-013 Final Paper

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Service Request SR-kf-013 Final Paper Team C BSA 375 November 18, 2011 Karen G. Knox Introduction Kudler Fine Foods was first established in 1998 by Kathy Kudler in the San Diego, California metropolitan area (Kudler’s Fine Foods (2004). Today there are three locations, the first location to open in 1998 was La Jolla, second to open in 2000 was Del Mar, and third to open in 2003 was Encinitas. Each 8,000 square foot store is stocked with the very best domestic and imported foods and wines. Kudler prides itself on using the finest and freshest organic ingredients, which they purchase from local organic farmers. Project Scope Kudler Fine Foods’ new Frequent Shopper Program is a loyalty point program, Point-of-Sale (POS), which…show more content…
Measuring success is no easy mission but it is imperative in guaranteeing the sustainment of the project. The section below will address further measures of success in the aspect of the feasibility within the project. Project Feasibility Kudler is planning to have an annual revenue increase by 5% within 12 months breaking it down to four categories. A quarter percent gain is anticipated in the projects launch as well as the training of employees’. Profits will increase by a half of a percent during the assessment and alteration of the project with the promotion of the Frequent Shopper Program taking place at this time as well. In each phase of the development customer satisfaction will increase so will revenue, which will lead to an overall increase of 4.75% (Kudler Fine Foods. (2004). Apollo.). Kathy is concerned with the budget but the Frequent Shopper Program is designed as a self-funding program to better suit economical ups and downs. Projected income of the project is great while the cost of implementing the program is minimal. The projects design and implementation projected costs are roughly around $42,000, which is a saving of $3,000 under the projected budget and gives room for any adjustments or unexpected situations. Cost of the project includes hardware, software, testing, installation, employee

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