Lua & Kimber: A Narrative Fiction

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She was a slip amongst the thrashing crowd. As people brushed up against her, their clothes and skin transformed into the sweetest of electric shocks, kisses she could not resist. Already, she knew her pupils must be growing to eclipse the full moon her eyes reflected. It didn’t matter who was next to her, as long the movement and music didn’t stop, never stopped. Beats resonated in ways unimaginable, causing her breath to hitch and mind to go blank. The most blissful of blanks. Should she chance glancing around for her friends? After all, she did come here for them. Here was a fairy den – a derelict building from before that was transformed for the sole purpose of trouble. Some enterprising creature managed to put old speakers back together and either had or found someone with enough power to make them run. They collaborated with a firefly to create the accompanying light shows, fashioned curtained grottos featuring plush floor cushions around a vast dance floor, and let the word spread. Once people knew of the location, they came in droves and the drugs and fun followed. This particular fairy den had been around for hundreds of years and was just on the cusp of becoming popular again. Of course, Lua had never been ballsy enough to venture into one. Yet, here she was, in the midst of a sea of pulsing, roiling energy barely contained. The plan had been for her to meet her friends at the entrance, but naturally, they were nowhere to be found. When a friendly

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