Lucia Zabiny Alternate Ending

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Lucia Zabini admired herself in the mirror as she applied the final touches of her make-up. She’d always been a vain woman, and to be fair she had a lot to be vain about. Her luscious raven locks cascaded like a waterfall down to her waist, which was a perfect hour glass. Men had always stopped to stare at her, struck dumb by her beauty, but Lucia rarely paid any attention to them; that is, unless they were rich. Lucia’s one true love was galleons, and lots of them.
Her now dead husband had been very rich, and had rather generously left her everything in his will; now she just had to play the part of grieving widow to perfection. She cast a perceptive eye over her face in the mirror, feeling satisfied when she found no blemishes or imperfections. Lucia stood up and looked appraisingly at her outfit; black suited her very well, which was good as she’d be wearing it constantly for the next few months.
“Ah, the grieving widow herself, looking positively crippled with sorrow.”
Lucia turned to look at her son angrily. “Show some respect, Blaise! Your step father has died and we’re burying him today.”
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Lucia hoped he wouldn’t give the game away. She cast a final glance around the room she’d once shared with her late husband, smiling gleefully as she imagines the galleons she’ll get from selling his things. He wouldn’t be needing them anymore, and the man had eccentric taste that Lucia couldn’t stand. Her eyes landed on an expensive gold watch that was lying on the bedside table. “Imagine how much that’s worth,” she thought excitedly to herself as she left the room. Arriving at the bottom of the stairs, Lucia saw that her guests had appeared. She plastered on a small, mournful smile and bowed her head; the very picture of a woman torn apart by her loss, but doing her best to be dignified. She’d perfected the art, after
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