Lucid Dreaming

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Telling between what reality is and what is not reality has become nearly impossible because of technology. Reality is defined as “the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them” or as “the state or quality of having existence or substance”. Because of its’ ability to creates a perfectly idealistic world, Technology has changed our relationship to reality by blurring the lines between what is real and what is not real.
In a dream, we can be running from a great T-rex or we can be flying above our old childhood home. However, during these dreams, we mostly do not notice these extreme situations as unusual. Instead we are lost in the rotations of images played in our minds that will
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The dream article by Katie Lambert mentioned that lucid dreaming can be used to help people who have post-traumatic stress disorders or chronic nightmares. After a lot of practicing, some people can learn how to stop in the middle of a nightmare and confront their inner monsters. For example, if a woman has recurring dreams of being chased by a giant elephant, through lucid dreaming, she can consciously decide to stop the dream in its tracks and change it the situation to a less stressful one. Now she can sit down with the giant and have a conversation with it. By doing this, the woman is confronting her fears or a representation of an early childhood trauma. In lucid dreams, people are capable of doing anything that they please; they can fly, shoot lasers out of their eyes, or even teleport half a world away to Dubai in the blind of an eye. In the same light, avatars in the virtual worlds have the capabilities to fly and shoot lasers out of their eyes with just the click of a button. People get so engulfed in this world of fantasy that they end up spending more hours of their lives online than they spend hours in the real world. Peoples’ actions and desires end up being placed in the game instead of real life. A certain level of destiny is lost in real life and moved on to a technological platform. This shift of destiny and purpose that exists in both worlds is where that line between what is…show more content…
Some cyborgs have more of their original bodies than others, but in the end, are super enhanced beings through the power of technology. During one of the scenes held in the Section 9 headquarters, there are officials, employees, cyborgs, and scientists all working side by side toward one goal. The fully human people live their lives as they please and so do the cyborgs; they can be considered one in the same. The cyborgs live in a reality that consists of the cyber world whereas the humans lived only in the real world. Computers and technology was initially the thing the bridged the two worlds together. Everyone has their own reality and their own set of personal experiences. In Ghost in the shell, it is impossible to tell where on reality ends and the other begins because the cyber world and the real world are forever integrated. The cyborgs can be seen as a metaphor for the combination of the real human world and the virtual world. In another scene, the main protagonist Motoko is in pursuit of a criminal. As Motoko is driving the vehicle down the busy streets, she is able to tap into a system of information through a plug in the back of her neck. Through this plug, she is able to find the coordinates of the person she is chasing; all the while operating the vehicle she is in with her mind. As she approaches the man she has just caught, Motoko asks his bout his life and

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