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An individual obtains about seven to eight hours sleeping per night and according to the dream encyclopedia (2009) we spend approximately one-third of our lives in a state of sleep, much of the night filled with dreams" (p.16). Judith Duerk, who is a well-renowned writer, refers to a dream as an alternate course which can change a person's entire life. The Dream Encyclopedia points out that the meaning of a dream would be, "a spiritual world distant from the physical," in no way demeaning their definition, but a dream is a way to motivate a person spiritually in order to physically and mentally prepare oneself to fulfill his or her goals, by an act of visualization and imagination while asleep. A dream brings you are a step closer to…show more content…
Dreaming has and will exist for millions of years and will exist as long as people exist but our dreams will be depicted based on our own individual aspects on life. Dreaming yet leads to satisfaction but a better understanding of what a person may want or need, in terms of life, resulting in a form of organizing ones long term or short term goals.
A dictionary of any kind, by any person, of any edition would define lucid dreaming in similar ways, by using words such as conscious, aware, recognize, and dream-state. According to, Lucid Dreaming-dreams of clarity (2009) Frederik willem van Eeden who was a Dutch psychiatrist, who introduced lucid dreaming at the meeting of the Society for Psychical Research held on 22 April 1913. Holzinger and Brigitte (2009) concluded that the phenomenon of lucid dreaming was already known in earlier historical periods and descriptions can be found in writings of Aristotle”.
Stephen Laberge published a book titled, “Lucid Dreaming”, which listed yet, explained the history and origins of lucid dreaming. His book, Lucid Dreaming (1999) stated that the origins and history of lucid dreaming were as follows“Aristotle, St.Augustine, Tibetan dream yogis, Spanish Sufi Ibn El-Arabi, Hervey de Saint-Denys,

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