Lucinda Matlock: The Beauty Of Life

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Do you ever think that life is too unfair to all of us? Well, if you say so, then you should have read this poem and learn about life. It´s good to know about life especially I´m still young and need to know about life. Every time I read this poem it makes me think that love your life. That you can´t get what you want instantly you have to go through a lot of things that will almost make you fail. And like everybody says ¨That´s life.¨ Lucinda Matlock conveys the beauty of life. She recounts the happenings of her life over the last 96 years. It describes the extreme hardship that Matlock faced throughout her life. This means that life is not that easy there are a lot of things that you have to go through, and a lot of people can´t even pass
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