Lucky Luciano Gangster Characteristics

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Charles “Lucky” Luciano Picture a person, someone with amazing leadership abilities, someone that has the potential to do virtuous things for the world. Now, I want you to picture this person wasting his/her talents by making unethical life decisions. Choices that caused harm to thousands of people. Now, imagine that the same person, and they actually think that what they do is ethical and that they didn’t waste their talent. Would that be frustrating? Charles “Lucky” Luciano was born in Sicily, Italy in 1897 and moved to New York City in 1906 with his family. Like many 1st generation American immigrants, there was no silver spoon or easy road to the American dream. Lucky struggled in school and preferred the ideas of the street life.…show more content…
A visionary leader, in my eyes, can see past certain societal limitations to advance the work climate and outlooks for all people he/she leads. By 1929, Lucky was running the east coast’s largest bootlegging empire and emerged as one of two Italian Mob bosses in New York City. In 1931, after the murder of the boss of bosses, or the King of all mobsters, he had to change the ways the mafia did business or he would certainly face the same fate. He used his “Creator” traits along with “Intellectual Stimulation” to create a National Organized Crime syndicate, even though full of corruption, its people embraced mutual trust and respect. Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education [BCEE] (2016b) defines a “Creator” as someone, “who often can generate fresh, original concepts and new ideas in ways that defy generally accepted structures or rules (BCEE, 2016b).” Lucky exhibited this concept with his desire to change the norm and create a national organized-crime network to quell any conflicts, manage disputes and establish guidelines between the different operations (Biography, 2016). The “Full Range Leadership” lesson discusses “Intellectual Stimulation” as a leader who should encourage people to brainstorm solutions and exercise their innovation and creativity (BCEE, 2016a). Lucky not only used his “Creator” traits, he

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