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Lucozade Sport uses a strategy which is specific to sportsmen and sportswomen in order to sell their product. I will be analysing the segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy that Lucozade Sport adopt while also talking about how Lucozade Sport’s marketing mix which ensures it stands out from other competitors. The information gathered has been collected from various websites and articles to do with Lucozade Sport.
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Lucozade produces many different drinks such as Lucozade Energy, Lucozade Lite, Lucozade Elite and Lucozade Sport. Through segmentation, Lucozade has come up with a product that is ideal for the target market. Lucozade used market segmentation to divide the consumers into young females, high
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Lucozade Sport is sold in a wide range of shops from sports shops to newsagents to supermarkets. Lucozade Sport is a popular item and is sold in most shops that sell drinks and is therefore not hard to get hold of. If you are interested in buying Lucozade Sport in bulk then Lucozade sell their products through their website with free delivery which puts them in a good position compared to their rivals.
Lucozade has managed to promote Lucozade Sport by segmenting, targeting and positioning Lucozade Sport. Lucozade Sport has been scientifically proven to benefit athletes to give them more energy and due to this Lucozade Sport targets sport enthusiasts by advertising it through athletes and on sports programmes. It is sold at a similar price to competitors and therefore doesn’t have competition for price. Lucozade Sport is stored in most shops that sell drinks across the country therefore strengthening the positioning of Lucozade Sport. Finally, Lucozade Sport has a strong consumer awareness which has helped it become UK’s most recognised and most popular sports drink.

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