Ludwig Van Beethoven : A Traumatic Childhood

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Beethoven had a traumatic childhood, even if he grew up surrounded by music. Ludwig van Beethoven was born around December 16, 1770 and baptized on December 17 in Bonn, located in the now-nonexistent Electorate of Cologne (“Ludwig van Beethoven”). His parents, Johann van Beethoven and Maria Magdalena van Beethoven, had to bury two children before Ludwig and celebrated his successful birth. Maria bore Johann two more sons after Ludwig: Caspar Carl, born in 1774 and Nickolaus Johann, born in 1776 (“Ludwig van Beethoven”). Johann van Beethoven worked as a court singer on the staff of the Elector of Cologne. Johann’s father, Ludwig van Beethoven, worked as Kappelmeister of the Elector of Cologne and became known as the best musician in Bonn.…show more content…
He played well for his recital yet did not obtain any press for it. Around this same time, he attended a Latin school named Tirocinium (“Ludwig van Beethoven”). The students at Tirocinium thought that he did not have a mother on account of his messy clothing and attitude. Many years later, one classmate stated that: “Not a sign was to be discovered…of that spark of genius which glowed so brilliantly in him afterwards.” Around 1780, Christian Gottlob Neefe, a Court Organist for the Elector of Cologne, began giving lessons to Beethoven. He later wrote, anonymous in Cramer’s Magazin de Musik: “He plays the clavier very skillfully and with power and reads at sight very well…This youthful genius is deserving of help to enable him to travel. He would surely become a second Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were he to continue as he has begun” (Morris, 19-22 & Suchet, “1770”). Around the year 1784, Beethoven’s struggles began when his father became an extreme alcoholic, which lost Johann his job with the Court (“Ludwig van Beethoven”). Beethoven stepped into his place as the Assistant Court Organist and became the leader of his household. By June of 1784, he began a payment from the court. Neefe, his old instructor, played alongside him as organist. With the job he held, he took a leave of absence from making his own music, or so it seemed. Between 1785 and 1789, Beethoven wrote and published

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