Ludwig Van Beethoven, Composer Of All Time, And For Good Reason

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Ludwig van Beethoven is perhaps the most well known composer of all time, and for good reason. Born in the Classical era, Beethoven composed music that people could connect to and feel in a way that they had never experienced before. Beethoven was a great musical innovator as a result of his work as a composer, his assistance in the transition from the Classical era to the Romantic era of music, and his famous Ninth Symphony. Ludwig van Beethoven was born on either December 16th or 17th in the year 1770. The precise birthdate of Beethoven is unknown, but these two dates are assumed because he was baptized on December 17, 1770. Beethoven grew up in the city of Bonn, which is located in Germany. Other than one trip to Holland when he was…show more content…
Beethoven writes on in this letter his thoughts of suicide, but that he refrained from doing so because he felt called to compose more than his current repertoire at the time had. Even while going deaf, Beethoven continued to create magnificent pieces of music that forcefully carried emotion into its listener’s ears with pieces like the famous Moonlight Sonata and Piano Sonata in E Minor. This music that Beethoven was composing had true passion behind it, which is something that contributed in the shift from the Classical Era to the Romantic Period in music. The word “simplicity” can be used to describe Beethoven’s numerous compositions because they were not the intricate fast-moving pieces that Mozart was known for, but rather simple and elegant musical pieces. Many musicians have one notable work that soars above the rest, and Beethoven falls into this category as well. In the years 1822-1824, Beethoven composed his most well known piece, the Ninth Symphony. The Ninth Symphony was performed for the very first time on May 7, 1824, and was dedicated to the King of Prussia. The Ninth Symphony has four separate movements, but the most popular movement is the 4th movement. The infamous and perhaps most

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