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When you look at the world and all the people on it as a whole, you see that there are very few influential people whose actions or opinions strongly influence the course of events. Ludwig Van Beethoven, a German musician, is one of those very few. He was an extraordinary musician that lived through hardship and had the horrific fate of deafness, any musician’s worst nightmare. Beethoven left a wall standing in history that captured the art of sounds and worked it beyond imagination into music so fragile and pure yet onerous, unable to be matched by any succeeding composer. His determination to push music forward, go beyond the thinkable, and make it his own, has made a huge impact on all music forever going forward.
Beethoven had a
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Instead, he worked with HAYDN and J. G. Albrechtsberger. Soon Beethoven would begin to make his mark as a pianist and as a “daring and unorthodox composer.”(Literary Reference Center)
When Beethoven was 28, in 1798, he began seeing signs of deafness; this progressively got worse. “He struggled against the gradual loss of his hearing. For a musician, there is nothing more tragic. A deaf musician is like a painter without fingers, a soccer player without feet. Beethoven could not hear the sound of musical instruments or the pitch of a single note. Although his fate challenged him, miraculously, his best works were completed after he went deaf.”(History Reference Center) Although it may seem like Beethoven was barely hazed by his deafness, it actually brought him great stress. Beethoven steadily started drawing away from people and close friends; as the lack of hearing grew he got really frustrated at times. He got to where he stopped caring about his appearance, left his hair tangled and uncombed, clothes tattered and rumpled. He became really bitter and unpleasant to be around; if one of his maids brought him soup he didn’t like, he would just smash the bowl on the ground. Beethoven was alone in the world, and that is why towards the end of his life his music was even more emotional and expressive.
Ludwig Van Beethoven was a very prolific composer and had a vast

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