Ludwig Van Beethoven Left Behind A Legacy Of Musical Pieces

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Known as one of the most popular composers of orchestral music, Ludwig van Beethoven left behind a legacy of musical pieces. Though Beethoven’s works spread throughout the globe, not many truly know what happened in his private life. Not only was he raised by an alcoholic father, but he also did not have a successful romantic life and even became deaf later in life. Beethoven, a musical prodigy, wrote hundreds of pieces of music and astounded the ears of mankind, yet lived a sorrowful life behind the scenes. Beethoven lived a traumatic childhood, even if he grew up surrounded by music. Ludwig van Beethoven was supposedly born around December 16th, 1770 and baptized on December 17th in Bonn, located in the Electorate of Cologne (“Ludwig van Beethoven”). His parents, Johann van Beethoven and Maria Magdalena van Beethoven, had to bury two children before the Ludwig and celebrated his successful birth. Maria bore Johann two more sons after Ludwig: Caspar Carl, born in 1774 and Nickolaus Johann, born in 1776 (“Ludwig van Beethoven”). Johann van Beethoven worked as a court singer on the staff of the Elector of Cologne. Johann’s father, Ludwig van Beethoven, worked as Kappelmeister of the Elector of Cologne and became known as the best musician in Bonn. Ludwig had wealth, success and talent, which instilled in the mind of his young grandson before he passed away December 24th, 1773 (Morris). After Ludwig’s death, Johann asked to take his father’s place in the Elector of Cologne.…
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