Ludwig Van Beethoven : The Greatest Symphony Of All Time

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The first attribute of Ludwig van Beethoven that made him one of the greatest composers of the late 18th century, was his dedication. Merriam-Webster defines dedication as, “a feeling of very strong support for or loyalty to someone or something” (Merriam-Webster). To say that Beethoven was loyal to his music is putting it lightly. Music, to him, was life. He lived for playing music, composing music, and teaching music. To have dedication like this and only live a total of fifty-six years is a great accomplishment. There are many events that took place within Beethoven’s life that proved his dedication to the art of music. When you ask someone what comes to mind when they think of Beethoven they will most likely say something about how he went deaf of how his ninth symphony was the greatest symphony of all time. If they do not know anything about Beethoven they may say something off the wall, but most times it has to do with a hardship he faced or how his music was so great. The remembrance of Beethoven in this manner has to do with his dedication. Beethoven did write amazing symphonies before and after his hearing loss in 1820. The only reason people remember that he had hearing loss is because he did not let the loss of his hearing stop him from making beautiful music. Hearing loss was not the only problem he faced in his short life of fifty-six years. Because of his hearing loss, Beethoven struggled with fluctuating moods and thoughts of suicide. When he came to terms
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