Ludwig Van Beethoven : The Relationship Between Music And Music

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Humans, like any other organism have a relationship with the environment surrounding them. These connections are what make up life as we know it. One relationship which is often overlooked as being not that significant, is the relationship between a person and music. It is overlooked because of its common use, as we listen to, play and experience music often. However, it is such an important connection, because music has the ability to speak past the ear to the soul. Any musician would agree that music is not just heard, it’s felt. Even if one doesn’t come from a musical background or know any of the theory related thereto, they can still agree that music has the power to speak to us. So, if we all can agree on this fact, why then does the phrase “deaf musician” present such a strange idea? A deaf musician is like any other musician, they just experience music using different senses. Although deaf or hard of hearing individuals can’t hear music very well through their ears, they can still experience it greatly and enjoy it. In this essay I would like to address the most famous deaf musician, Beethoven, and how he experienced music; the technique of feeling vibrations; and the importance of music even to a deaf individual.

When thinking of deaf musicians, the most famous one that comes to mind is Beethoven. Ludwig Van Beethoven was one of the greatest composers and musicians known. He is greatly loved even today for his amazing musical
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