Ludwig Van Beethoven 's Life

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Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven was a tremendous musician and composer with a awfully long and tough life.He had a challenging childhood, but he used his music as his outlet. He moved from his home town in Bonn, which is now a museum, and became well known throughout the world. He lived in Europe when everything was changing, there were a lot of new wars and new rulers. He used a great deal of emotions in this music and because of all the time that he had spent practicing, when his hearing was lost his music was still considered to be incredible. People from his time and the present time see him as a genius.

Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany approximately in December of 1770.There is no recorded date of Beethoven’s exact birth, but it is known that it is in December. This was an appropriate time for Beethoven to be born, it was receptive and ready to welcome a genius who would change everything. His parents produced seven children, but only four of them lived to adulthood. Only Ludwig and his two younger brothers remained. In school it is said that he was a shy, taciturn, serious young man. That he was “enclosed in himself” and extremely “peevish with people”(Marek 39). School turned out to not be so clear for young Beethoven as he chose to drop out when he was eleven, this resulted in him never learning to spell, do math, or write well. Although, he did learn French, Latin, and Italian. This was around 1780 and was when he began to compose pieces, one of…
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