Ludwig van Beethoven: The Musical Genius Essay

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Ludwig van Beethoven was the composer of the most celestial and significant music written at any time. He was the first musician to link the classical period of 18th-century and the novel birth of Romanticism. Beethoven’s absolute step forward in the world of music came in his instrumental work, not forgetting his symphonies. In contrast to his forerunner Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, for whom composing music seemed natural, Beethoven strived to make his work flawless. On December 16, 1770, Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany; he was baptized on December 17, 1770. An authentic record of the birth date does not exist; however, what remains is the registry of his baptism at the Parish of Saint Regius in a Roman …show more content…
Neefe was appointed Court Organist in the year of 1779. Roughly four years later, Neefe helped Beethoven compose his first piece of published composition: set of keyboard variations. Beethoven began working as Neefe’s assistant organist as a paid employee of a chapel managed by Andrea Luchesi. Beethoven’s first three piano sonatas, dedicated to Elector Maximilian Frederick, were published in 1783. Frederick became aware of Beethoven’s impeccable talent and financed and urged Beethoven’s to complete his musical studies. In 1787, Beethoven embarked on a journey to Vienna to, hopefully, study with Mozart. Soon after, when Beethoven’s mother fell severely ill he returned home. After his return, his mother succumbed to death which initiated severe alcoholism for his father. Thus, for the next five years, Beethoven was responsible for the care of his siblings. After the five years passed, he left his hometown for good and went Vienna to resume his studies with Joseph Haydn and soon after with Antonio Salieri. Beethoven most likely met Joseph Haydn in late 1790, when Beethoven was travelling to London. The Elector helped him move to Vienna approximately in 1792. From his trip to London and his move to Vienna, Beethoven composed a large amount of composition that demonstrated his musical maturity. Musicologists recognized a theme comparable to his third symphony composed in 1791. In 1792, Beethoven left his hometown for Vienna upon hearing rumors
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