Luggers vs. Butchers

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The Luggers Versus The Butchers
Food Merchandising Corporation has a warehouse located in a small city in New Jersey. The warehouse stocks certain types of meats and then ships them to various stores. Trucks or freight cars are used to transport the meats. The warehouse has two separate groups to process the beef, one being the warehouse men, also known as the luggers, which transport the beef within the warehouse to freezers to await the butchering process, which is handled by the butchers. It is important that the process be expedited in order to move the product out as quickly as possible to meet demand.
The company goals are straight forward; maintaining efficient interdependent groups that work together to achieve
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They are aggravated that the luggers are bringing home an additional $30-$40 per week because the tips they are receiving from the trucking companies to help unload the trucks. The butchers would probably be more motivated during their work shifts if they were also receiving extra money like the luggers. An incentive proposed to the butchers might make them less aggravated and enjoy working their shifts. 3. Incentive Although there is not a set reward system within the company, the tips the luggers are receiving feels like it to the butchers. Their once respected high-esteemed job is not making less than the undesired job of the past. If employees are no longer motivated by the current reward system, which in hindsight would be the tips, it is time to modify or change. There is a direct connection between performance and reward to motivate employees to work harder and to improve their job satisfaction. If the company input a set reward system, this may elevate some tension the butchers are feeling toward the company and the luggers. Implementation I would implement my decisions first by making sure the managers know their role. They need to be equal to all employees and treat every employee the same. Being a manager you cannot make alliances with just certain people, it is unethical. Equality is a big deal in most companies and for a manager to choose certain employees as opposed to others is very unequal. I would send the managers to an equality and/or
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