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Luis Valdez's Los Vendidos "Los Vendidos," directed by Luis Valdez, is a remarkable play that looks into the historical struggles, stereotypes and challenges of Mexican Americans in a unique fashion. Rather than tell the history of Mexican Americans through documentaries and actual footage, the play conveys its message about the true history of Mexican Americans in the United States through both subtle and blatant techniques. Mexican American struggles in the United States date back to the Spanish discovery of the New World in 1492. For over five hundred years, Mexicans have endured social injustices and inequalities at the hands of their superiors. The mistreatment of the native people of this land is constantly overlooked for "…the…show more content…
She insists that Mr. Sancho pronounces her surname with a hard "j" and that he speaks to her in English. She immediately explains how she is looking for a "Mexican type" for the governor’s office luncheon and she appears impatient with Mr. Sancho’s chatter. These first moments exemplify the overwhelming cultural process by which Mexican Americans were supposed to reject their cultural origins and embrace "American" norms. Ms. Jimenez embodies the "Mexican de adentro" (class notes) image because she has become acculturated to the definition of an "American" while ignoring her Mexican roots. Though she claims not to speak Spanish, she turns to respond to Mr. Sancho when he says Oiga! which may suggest her suppression of the language but her true knowledge of it. "Spanish speaking citizens consider themselves socially superior to the immigrants and rather pride themselves on being Americans." (Vargas p.206) She is a symbol of a Mexican American "…[who] looks upon themselves as a real American and [who] cordially resents any accusation of lack of patriotism." (Vargas p.239) Unlike Emma Tenayuca, a courageous Chicana who struggled for the voices of her people to be heard and whose fights for the rights of pecan shellers were long and arduous, Ms. Jimenez embodies the opposite. She has no connections with her roots therefore she

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