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Good Morning/afternoon members of the Federal Government Selection Committee, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Today you must elect a poet from the group of finalists to be Australia’s official Poet Laureate. Although the position of Poet Laureate is commonplace in other countries, including England and New Zealand; Australia’s last Poet Laureate was a convict turned freeman by the name of Michael Massey Robinson. To be poet laureate the poets writing must be influential and meaningful. The role of a Poet Laureate is important as they raise awareness about important social and moral issues in their own unique way . The poet I know is the best for the position is Luke... more commonly known as Luka Lesson; he is a young slam-poet born in Brisbane to
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Luka Lesson’s poetry is honest and heartfelt, he discusses controversial issues that have been left unspoken. Although Luka’s debut was in 2009, he has an immense collection that addresses diverse issues facing Australian society including: consumerism, war, environment, immigration and racism. In his poem “The Future Ancients”
Secondly, Luka Lesson is a poet that uses his diverse heritage to speak for those who do not have a voice in mainstream society. He once said, “In Australia, I am Greek and in Greece they call me Australian. A typical story of an immigrant in other words. I feel like I am in between two countries all the time.” With one quarter of Australia’s population consisting of immigrants, many can relate to Luka and his message. In one of his most famous works entitled “Please Resist Me”
Finally, although classic poetry’s popularity has decreased significantly in recent years; poetry has remained alive through contemporary poets like Luka Lesson, as they are the future of poetry. He also embodies the attitudes, values and beliefs of Australian society, consequently he can relate to the modern audience.
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