Luke (6:27) Love of Enemies Reflection Essay

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Over the course of history, many things have come and gone. Throughout these changes, some aspects of life have remained constant. Conflict is a persistent feature that has caused strife in the past, present, and will likely continue in the future. Within these contentious events, opposing sides often label each other the “enemy.” As history shows, these situations are likely to occur in an individual’s life; therefore it’s important to know how one should handle one’s self in such an event. Luke attempts to address this quandary in his passage, “Love of Enemies” (Luke 6:27-36). Here, he conveys the idea that when dealing with opposition and enemies, individuals shouldn’t let the oppressor’s degrading actions shape
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He does appear to be a man of rank who “has associated with the church, but doubts whether in fact he really belongs in this racially mixed and heavily persecuted community.”8 Lastly, Luke wrote for any who felt tension based in the minds of God-fearers before coming to Christ.9
Looking at this particular audience, there was clearly a lot of debate and discord caused by the emergence of the Christian church and Gentiles, in relation to the Jewish nation. Luke addressed these concerns with his message of merciful care. Moreover, there were four main issues he addressed. The first was the question of salvation.10 More specifically how could Gentiles be included as God’s people on an equal basis as Jews? Another concern was the largest portion of the community’s audience – the Jewish nation – who responded negatively to God’s altered plan. Often times, the Jewish people persecuted Christians who attempted to preach God’s new hope.11 Luke attempts to answer this quandary by noting the merciful nature of the openness of the Gospel and Christianity to those not of Israeli background. Moreover, he offers a sociological legitimation of full fellowship for Gentiles and

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