Lullabies For Little Criminals Character Analysis

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Heather O'Neill has a style of writing that is absolutely original and wonderful. Her sentences are amazing, the words she chooses are stunning and the characters make you want to cry and smile at the same time. She managed to write about such horrific things in such pretty manner without romanticizing them. In Lullabies for Little Criminals, Heather O'Neill uses tone, character development, and figures of speech throughout her novel. In the novel, Baby's mom died while she was a baby, and she had been raised by her childlike, dysfunctional heroin addicted father, Jules in a series of seedy hotels in Montreal. As the story progressed and Baby's life spiralled out of control. Baby's voice, however, remained constant throughout--poetic, keenly…show more content…
Her forced independence, due to Jules’ constant absences, has made her to grow up beyond her years, and to take care of herself. Although she still occasionally tries to appreciate the child aspects of life – playing with dolls, enjoying the little things, having your first kiss, etc..., she is tangled in the adult world of prostitution, sex, and drugs. Jules is the young father of Baby. A lot of things are unsure about Jules, except for his unfaltering love for his daughter, and the undying love for Baby’s mother, Manon. Jules finds himself mixed up in the world of heroin quite a lot, which forces him to make awful decisions. He does not have a high school diploma, and cannot hold a stable job. He provides for Baby in the best way that he can, although because he is still a kid himself, he does not know how to raise a child on his own. Jules has good intentions, though – he buys his daughter small, meaningful gifts with what money he has, he is always on her side. The truth with Jules is that he wants his daughter to grow up to become something, unlike him. He is very protective of Baby. From the beginning of the book to the end, though, Jules finally grows up. At the end of the novel, Jules plans out for him and Baby to go live with his cousin in the country. He promises a fresh start for him and Baby. This is a positive impact on the style because this means a lot, Jules rarely promises anything to Baby.…show more content…
The story is mainly comprised of comparisons, metaphors and similes that tie into the ironic situations Baby finds herself in. Comparisons and contrasts are used to illustrate the different influences in Baby’s life.
“I always found sex painful physically…it wasn’t that way when I was cuddling with Xavier. Fooling around with Xavier was like climbing into a hot bath.” (p.252). Hyperboles are used when Baby is high to show how she feels. “She had the most beautiful voice in the world.” (pg. 284). Similes and metaphors are used to express Baby and Jules’ relationship and interactions. “I felt like a bug trapped in amber.”(pg. 143). This is a positive impact on the style because this helps further our understanding of Baby, her character and her situation as a whole. In conclusion, Heather O'Neill uses tone, character development, and figures of speech throughout her novel. O'Neill is a wonderful writer and the voice she has created for Baby is original and altogether

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