Lululemon Analysis

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Lululemon was founded by Chop Wilson in Vancouver, Canada in 1998. Lululemon itself is described as a yoga inspired athletic apparel that is both for men and women. The company has apparel for yoga, training, running and fashion. It has shaped the way people dress to go workout. Society finds themselves purchasing consumer products for no reason. Lululemon is recognized for its high quality and pricy products. They buy these things that fill a void they have inside of them. But in the end they will keep wanting more. Consumers today have depended on money and how consumption brings negative outcome behind materialism. In the essay Two Cheers for Materialism by James B. Twitchell, he defines us American as materialists and how we are a nation of consumers. While Lululemon is a popular consumer choice, many aspects influence the consumption of such a product such as when Lululemon first started out, When I first came across the brand and the expatiations it has for consumers. When Lululemon first started out, it was only for women. Now they expanded their store and brought in a men’s section and a youth section for just girls. When you walk into Lululemon you walk into a store that has a bunch of athletic wear. There is a Men’s side and Women’s side. You walk into an atmospheric friendly place, the employees are very nice and helpful. Lululemon does not advertise their product like Nike, Puma or any other athletic brand usually does with their commercials and ads. They get
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