Lululemon Athletica

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Lululemon Athletica Case Study I. Executive Summary Statement of problem and recommend action Lululemon is a rapidly growing company with a different niche for its products. Its philosophy as well as their business model has allowed them to increase revenue over the past years. The dilemma they faced is how to continue expanding without losing their special niche, grassroots and a nontraditional feel of the brand that sets them apart from their competitors. In order to do so, it has been recommended that they partner up with well-known retail stores such as Macy’s and Nordstrom. It has also be recommended that a representative or educator from Lululemon remains at the store at all times or that the retail stores (partners)…show more content…
Another social factor is demographics. As Lululemon products are highly prices, it is important to research the social economic aspects of the neighborhood. Moreover, Lululemon faces high rates of obesity and overweight in America and Australia, hence the importance for well-trained “educators.” As Lululemon incorporated e-commerce in 2009, a technological as well as an external factor is to ensure customer service provides the same level of customer services as the face-to-face interaction in the stores, and to maintain the website up-to date. It is important for Lululemon to maintain a user friendly website that would encourage people from all ages to buy Lululemon’s products. Lululemon’s ability to source profitably merchandise may be affected; if new trade restrictions are imposed by The United States and other countries where products are produced or sold. These may include additional quotas, duties, tariffs, or other restrictions or regulation. Moreover, China increased in labor cost and other factors associated with production could increase the cost of product. (“Lululemon Athletica Annual Report, 2012”). Industrial Analysis The fitness clothing market is growing rapidly. Customers’ new found inclination towards living healthier lifestyles has produced an increase in participation of people into various physical activities. Hence, the high levels of competition in the fitness and
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