Lululemon Case Study

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Case Study- lululemon
Ethics and Social Responsibility
Executive Summary
Founded in 1998, lululemon has become an extremely successful company. Over the last 12 years of operation, its mission is to improve health, make a difference in all the communities it is located in, and provide guests with quality products to help them live healthy lives.
Currently, lululemon still strives to make a difference in each community through the Community Legacies Program. Plans for expansion are also in effect, and its economic responsibilities are continually being met by the income generated each year.
Social Responsibility is the backbone of lululemon. It presents many positive aspects for the company such as maintaining a positive image within
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They have provided a culture that provides awareness of the health benefits of doing yoga in daily life. lululemon’s mission statement is to help people live long, healthy, and fun filled lives. They focus on ensuring that their products are of the highest quality and that their store experiences are one of a kind. lululemon invests money in training to educate their staff on effective and creative ways to create a unique experience in each individual store.
With deep rooted ties in each community, lululemon created the charitable giving program, where guests of each location decide which local charities they would like to support. lululemon then chooses up to eight of these charities to be part of the program.
Current Information lululemon has established their popular Community Legacies program which is a “5-year vision that is based on the belief that every person we hire, garment we create, store we open, customer we educate and yoga class we attend contributes to building a legacy in our communities."
In 2009, lululemon’s net income generated about 58.3 million dollars. Their earnings have topped the
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