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Lululemon manifesto has themes such as "do one thing a day that scares you, friends are more important than money and other inspirational sayings that create a large following for the company. The company gets its publicity from many marketing strategies including word of mouth. The company, According to Brittany Snow, Guest Educator at Lululemon focuses their marketing efforts on grassroots initiatives in the local communities and currently does very little print work. The popular manifesto has been a big seller for the company's brands, but even though the company has been able to use this manifesto as successful marketing tool are still major problems the company is confronting. lululemon is facing many changes as an
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These new cross-functional barriers eroded the sense of teamwork causing misalignment in culture and growth strategies (Tushman, 2010).

Tushman, M. L., Page, R., & Ryder, T. (2010). Leadership, Culture, and Transition at lululemon . Boston, MA: Harvard Business Publishing. .

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