Lululemon Marketing

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Introduction The company which our focus centers on is the prestigious Lululemon. What started out as an underground yoga and design studio blossomed today into a $225 million-dollar company that offers premium athletic clothing at high-end prices. It all started one day when the company founder, Chip Wilson, decided to try something new – yoga, a physical activity that emerged in 1997 which appealed to the independent woman. Wilson was a fanatic in every type of board; he took joy in surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. After his first session of yoga, Wilson found the experience so exhilarating and akin to the post feeling of boarding. Yoga today is the central focus surrounding Lululemon, the lifestyle which the customers pursue.…show more content…
Lululemon central focus is on an active lifestyle for the independent women. However, with the continuous success, Lululemon decided to branch into men’s apparel as well. With the aim of comfort, function and sustainability, Lululemon thought the best way to harmonize with nature was to wear it. Oqoqo is Lululemon’s organic line of clothing which uses natural materials such as bamboo, organic cotton and hemp. The Oqoqo branch of clothing is old exclusively in B.C. and it is designed for comfortable street wear with no athletic purposes in mind. On the other hand, the original brand of Lululemon stands other wise. Luon is an exclusive material of Lululemon’s apparel that is designed to increase body performance that allows for full-ranged movements. The other two materials exclusively from Lululemon are Silverscent and Vitasea. Silverscent technology claim to use real silver fibres which are guaranteed to reduce body odour. Vitasea is aimed specifically at conserving ecology by using seaweed fibres. Although these sound great and have good intentions behind it, the line of Vitasea and Silverscent hold certain controversy in their history as research have found that certain Lululemon apparel does not utilize the promised materials. These garments are not only healthy and good for the environment; they are also known to accentuate the curves of a woman which lots of other brands tries to mimic. Pricing
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