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Lululemon Athletica Lulemon Athletica is an athletic apparel company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company was founded by Dennis “Chip” Wilson, in the year 1998. Dennis Wilson had been in the skate, surf, and snowboard business for over 20 years when he took a commercial yoga class that was offered in Vancouver. Wilson found the results to be thrilling. He quickly was immersed in the idea of making his yoga experience the best possible. He believed the clothes that were being used for yoga were not the most appropriate. They made him sweat and weren’t very easy for the maneuvers yoga required. This would lead to the beginning of Wilson’s success. From Wilson’s passion for athletic fabrics, a design studio was…show more content…
Department of Finance Canada (2009) states Canada has been significantly affected by the global recession and Canadian economy growth began to slow in the fourth quarter of 2008. Real GDP declined by 3.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008. Although Canadian economy is being affected by the global recession, the Canadian economy is still better than other industrialized countries (CMA Business Case) When it comes to a social aspect, Lululemon is becoming an increasing trend: a result of consumer approval. The company does take hits though for its return policy and many people feeling that their staff is not very friendly. The media took blows on the company when there was a murder that took place at one of their stores and the conflict was between two of the employees(Lawrence). They are seen as having sustainable development and being environmentally friendly. They are also conforming to demographic changes and developing lines for men and youth. As for a technological aspect, they are praised for their several forms of social media and keeping customers up to date as well as their up keep of fashion trends(MBASkool). SWOT Analysis: Strengths: * Retail Company is growing- its direct-to-consumer business grew from 8%-11%, went from 155 stores before 2012 to over 200 today. * There’s room around the globe to produce more stores and make more profit. * High quality products- good fabric and fitted for all types of bodies.
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