Lumbar Disc Herniation Essay

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Human race has been affected by back pain and leg pain since the beginning of history. Even though there are various pathological conditions which present as back pain, most common condition giving rise to back pain is LUMBAR DISC HERNIATION. Lumbar Disc Herniation is one of the commonest problems in adults. At their productive age this problem is debilitating and if timely intervention is not made the outcome is quiet disabling. Lumbar disc herniation in the past have been treated successfully with both conservative and surgical modalities. Various studies in the past have proved both these modalities, conservative and surgical treatment to give a good relief of symptoms. Weber et al in his study compared the long term outcome of disc herniation treated…show more content…
Newer techniques have evolved since then. With the advent of advanced instrumentation and newer techniques the surgical treatment for disc prolapse has changed ever since then. Recent advancement like micro-discectomy and endoscopic discectomy are becoming more popular in recent times. These are minimally invasive surgeries and less morbid procedures compared to regular fenestration discectomy. However the cost factor and need for advanced instrumentation for these procedures has been a main draw back. Hence fenestration Discectomy is still the regularly been performed widely. In this study the functional outcome of fenestration discectomy for a single level lumbar disc herniation with unilateral radiculopathy is assessed using Japanese Orthopaedic Association scoring system. The common levels of L4-L5 and L5-S1 have been chosen for the study. Both these levels have significant anatomical as well as bio-mechanical differences. Hence the clinical presentations in the two areas are chosen for the study and the outcome of the management is being
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