Lumbar Surgery Case Study

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DOI: 1/5/2007. Patient is a 51-year-old male supervisor who sustained a low back injury while lifting a platform scale with another employee. Per OMNI, he is status post lumbar surgery and right hip strain/pain. On the QME report by Dr. Raskin dated 2/3/2009, the IW was deemed to have reached P & S status with 16% partial disability. Future medical care includes: medications, physical therapy, MRI, and injection. MRI of the lumbar spine dated 10/16/2012 revealed possible partial left laminectomy at L4 and L5; L3-4. A 2.9 mm disc bulge which mildly impresses on the thecal sac and produces mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing; L4-5, a 5.0 mm broad-based disc protrusion which moderately impresses on the thecal sac; and L5-S1, a 3.5 mm circumferential
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