Lumbar Tissue: A Case Study

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DOI: 2/17/2014. Patient is a 55-year-old female cashier who felt pain on the left side of lower back and left foot due to walking incorrectly due to a previous work injury. The patient is subsequently diagnosed with postlaminectomy syndrome, not elsewhere classified; degenerative disc disease, lower back; arthropathy of lumbar facet; and low back pain. MRI of the lumbar spine without contrast dated 1/4/16 (no official report) revealed posterior fusion at L4-5 with right L5 laminotomy defect; and mild degenerative disc disease at L3-4, there is moderate narrowing of the L3 neural foramina bilaterally. As per office notes dated 7/6/16, the patient presents for ongoing evaluation and medication refill. He rates his pain as 9. His pain is located
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