Lung Cancer And Its Effect On Cancer

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Introduction Doctors and scientists have studied the study of cancer, also known as oncology, around the world. Technology and the increase of understanding of cancer have made it one of the most evolving areas in modern science. Cancer begins when cells in a part of the body start to grow uncontrollably. Lung cancer is the prominent cause of cancer death around the world and kills over 1 million people per year. It is an important and widespread disease that composes as a major public health problem, and if left untreated becomes very malignant.
Lung cancer is strongly associated with cigarette smoking, both from the actual smoker and secondhand, although there are cases in which someone that has never smoked or experienced secondhand has had lung cancer. Pipes and cigar smoking are also factors of lung cancer, but the risks are not as high as cigarettes. Another cause known for lung cancer is asbestos fiber. Asbestos fibers are silicate fibers that persevere in lung tissues after exposure to asbestos; which is something that can be picked up in a workplace where thermal and acoustic insulation is used. Smoking cigarettes increases the risk of developing asbestos-related lung cancer in workers. Even though lung cancer is more commonly associated with tobacco, there are cases in which non-tobacco smoker also get lung cancer. Genetics may play a big part in this role, leading researchers to find a region in the long arm of chromosome number 6 that is likely to
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