Lung Cancer Evolve Case Study Essay

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Lung Cancer
Jean Flick, RN, MS; Marty Carlson, RN, MS; and Diane Maxwell, RN, MS
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Diagnostic Tests

The healthcare provider completes the examination and prescribes a chest x-ray, which is scheduled for the next morning.
Which instructions should the nurse provide to prepare Mr. Prieto for the x-ray?
A) "You should not eat or drink anything after midnight."
It is not necessary to be NPO prior to an x-ray.

B) "You will need to remove jewelry, such as neck chains."
Feedback: CORRECT
Jewelry interferes with obtaining a clear and accurate x-ray.

C) "Notify the technician if you are allergic to shellfish."
This is only necessary if a diagnostic test involves
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D) Sit quietly with the couple and allow them the opportunity to talk.
Feedback: CORRECT
This allows Mr. Prieto and his wife time to grieve and formulate questions without feeling rushed by the nurse.

Correct answer(s): D
At the Prietos' request, the nurse discusses the risk factors for lung cancer and answers their questions.
Cancer Staging

Mr. Prieto's cancer is determined to be Stage 2 adenocarcinoma.
How would the nurse explain the purpose of cancer staging?
A) Staging systems track the overall incidence of types of cancers.
Staging does not track cancer incidence.

B) Staging identifies the causative agent for the onset of the cancer.
Staging does not identify the causes of cancer.

C) Staging helps determine the client's prognosis and best treatment.
Feedback: CORRECT
Tumor staging incorporates assessment of the size, location, and degree of invasion of the primary tumor, the involvement of regional lymph nodes, and the presence or absence of distant metastasis. This assessment information is crucial in determining Mr. Prieto's prognosis and the best possible treatment.

D) Staging measures the number of oncogenes in the tumor.
Staging does not measure oncogenes.

Correct answer(s): C

The oncologist and Mr. Prieto decide on a combination of chemotherapy and surgical management to treat the cancer. Mr. Prieto is scheduled to begin
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