Lung Cancer Outline

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Lung Cancer |General Purpose: |To inform | |Specific Purpose: |To inform readers on the causes, effects and treatments of lung cancer. | | | | INTRODUCTION SLIDES I. What is lung cancer? 
 A. Definition of lung Cancer 1. Medical terminology definition – cancer of a highly malignant form that affects the lungs. 2. Team definition of lung Cancer – a group of abnormal cells that grows…show more content…
Lung diseases 1. Tuberculosis 2. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (Transition: we have discussed the causes, lets look at the risk factors including some environmental ones.) II. Risk Factors for Lung Cancer A. Controllable risk factors 1. Smoking 2. Second-hand Smoke 3. Radiation Therapy 4. Asbestos exposure B. Uncontrollable risk Factors 1. Radon exposure in the environment a. Uranium in ground water, rocks, or soil 2. Family History of lung disease III. Diagnosis A. Lung cancer can become suspected after a spot is seen on an x-ray that may have been taken due to a persistent cough, chest pain, etc. B. If Lung Cancer is suspected a few other tests can be used in conjunction to make a final determination of lung cancer 1. X-ray 2. CT Scan 3. MRI 4. Needle Biopsy 5. Sputum Cytology 6. Bronchoscopy IV. Stages of Lung Cancer A. Stage 1 Cancer is confined to just the lungs. B. Stage 2 and Stage 3 cancer has invaded the chest (if large tumors are present its stage 3) C. Stage 4 Cancer has spread to other parts of the body V. Pictures of Healthy and Cancerous
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