Lung Cancer: Research Project Review

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Research is ultimately about assigning facts, figures and arguments to larger ideas for practical reasons that hopefully produce more benefits than not. Our group's topic deals with the disease of lung cancer. In our quest to learn more about this reality of life, it became necessary to implement the research process to further our knowledge and complete the necessary requirements of this project. Our group's search began with a division of labor to more efficiently utilize our resources. The lung cancer topic was chosen due to the personal and societal impacts this disease produces. Finding balanced and accurate sources to build our case obviously and necessarily became an important priority. Additionally the topic of lung cancer is very broad and reaching, creating a problem of scope for this particular problem. It became evident that in order to find useful answers in this realm meant for us to ask useful questions. All the data and inference in the world does not assist the researcher unless it is applied in a formula that expresses the necessary dialogues reflecting the intent of those who are utilizing such information. After brainstorming sessions and the external dialogue that followed, our group derived three distinct areas of research important to our brand of research. These areas were molded into the following research questions: What are…

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