Lung Cancer : The Most Common Types Of Cancer

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Title Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, but more importantly, it has a very low survival rate. The sad truth is that nearly all cases of lung cancer could have been prevented, simply by not smoking. Mr. Ward is a perfect example of this in the case study. Having smoked for approximately 67 years, it was only a matter of time before he developed some type of cancer, in this case lung cancer. This paper will describe how lung cancer, specifically squamous cell cancer of the right lung, affects Mr. Ward’s body, beginning with the potential and actual risk factors for lung cancer. Followed by changes that occur in the respiratory system as a result of lung cancer, and ending with the organs at risk as lung cancer spreads.
The Causes of Lung Cancer Obviously the biggest risk factor for lung cancer is smoking. The amount of smoking and the length of time as a smoker, especially if beginning at an early age, help determine the risk of developing lung cancer. Thus, the more a person smokes and the longer they smoke increases their risk for developing lung cancer. Along with smoking, come the risks associated with secondhand smoke. A person does not have to be a smoker to develop lung cancer, simply being in the same environment and inhaling cigarette smoke is a risk factor for lung cancer. A third risk factor involves environmental pollutants or irritants. Exposure to these irritants however, presents a much lower risk of developing lung cancer compared
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