Lung Capacity Lab Report

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In the experiment you must ask a question that can be tested. Does the mount of physical exertion that a sport demands affect the players lung capacity? Based on previous knowledge of the pulmonary system and the physical demands of sports, a hypothesis was produced. If the physical demand of the sport increases, then the lung capacity of the athlete will increase when lung capacity is a function of physical demand. To test this prediction, an experiment must be conducted. The independent variable in this experiment is playing a sport; since there are not units of this variable, it will be rated on a scale. The test subjects will be asked to rate the physical demand of their sport on a scale of one to five: one being the lowest physical demand a sport requires and five being the greatest. The sports that will be tested are football, basketball, and soccer. An experimental control is needed to compare results; therefore, we will include non-athletic subjects as well. The dependent variable of the experiment is lung capacity, which will be measured using a Spirometer in FVE1; FVE1 is the force of air one can blow out in one second. Materials:…show more content…
These include certain instruments and supplies that will produce an accurate experiment. The experiment is testing pulmonary function and ability, so a spirometer is a necessary instrument A spirometer is used by respiratory therapists to test the lung capacity of their patients. A stop-watch is suggested to compare physical exertion of the subjects. Eight subjects should be acquired for the test. There should be both a female and a male subject for each of the following categories: basketball, soccer, football, and no sport. These subjects will be tested over a 100 yard distance, so it is necessary to have an adequate area for
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