Lupe As A Role Model

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Most people think being a role model is like a popularity contest, they think it's easy. People think all they have to do is fit in with the crowd so they can be popular. But being a role model is not an easy task, although Lupe makes it look that way when she doesn’t even fit in. In the story, “The Marble Champ,” by Gary Soto, Lupe is a very good role model. Lupe shows this by being a good sport, always working hard, and by being intelligent.
One reason why I think Lupe is a good role model is because she is very intelligent. As proof, Lupe’s academic grades are straight A’s. This shows that Lupe is intelligent because not many people get straight A’s on their report card every year of school. Secondly, Lupe is intelligent because she has won multiple awards. For example, Lupe won the school spelling bee, she won the blue ribbon award in the science fair, she was the winner of a reading contest at the library three summers in a row, she was also the top student in her piano recital, and she was the playground champion of chess. Talk about a ton of awards, right? Lupe feels like none of these awards mean anything though. Lupe wishes she could win some type of award in athletics, so that she can keep up with the other girls in her school, that’s why Lupe is working towards her goal of being the marble champion. Also, in one case in the story, when Lupe was playing marbles on her bed, she figured out that her bedspread was slowing down the marbles as she shot them. This
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