Luppe Algarin Analysis

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Lupe Algarin is a very interesting person In the setting of lupe’s house she says that she doesn’t fit in her own house. The author uses direct characterization by having Lupe saying.
“There’s nothing for me there, that’s for sure.” if the author would have chosen a setting where she has a kid of her own house she would say she did fit in the house because then there is something to support her in the house like something to come home to. Like what she said the end of (Page 36) “But if I had a real baby, she would love me like that. The way Gloria’s baby loves her. The way rosa loves Cristina.” In her poem (page 38) she is saying through the poem that she would be better of with someone to love her. (PG 65-68) she feels that she had to break up with Marco because she thought about a type of setting of if she would have a baby.
Like what she said on (page 65) she says “I mean, I hardly ever see him anyways. Plus, I’ve been thinking if I'm ever going to have a baby, I need to find a better father than Marco somebody who gots time for me, at least.

Other people that know Lupe Algarin may not know that she is facing internal and external conflict because because she believes that she does not belong inside the house that she lives in and the internal conflict about that is she believes it and she doesn’t try to face it at it’s source so she is trying to resolve the problem by thinking that she doesn't belong in her own house what makes it an internal conflict but it is an external conflict at the same time but just a different part of the problem is her step dad and he is an outside force known as an external conflict and he is causing the conflict because she believes that he doesn’t care about any of the kids accept for his beer. As she leads to say on (page 35) “Why does she put up with him? All he does is belch beer and scream at her to bring him and his buddies more while they sit around playing dominoes or watching fights on TV.” then she tries pointing out the problem by bringing up her biological father and pretty much says he would have treated them both better by saying “I bet Papi doesn’t guzzle beer all the time,”I often say to mami.
But her father and her house isn’t the only conflict there is

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