Lupton's Discussion Of Missions

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I always thought that I knew the meaning of the term ‘missions’ although the past experience of my church home never explicitly talked about or participated in what I understood missions to be. In fact, my comprehension of missions was attributed to TV shows and movies. Naively, I thought that missions only occurred in foreign lands by saved individuals who often died from obscure diseases. As one may guess, because of watching those ill-fated pictures, the work of missions never appealed to me. It was not until I became an adult that I understood missions could occur anywhere, not just in foreign, third world countries. What could be construed as a pious sense of relief, I recognize that missions have always been a part of my Christian life.…show more content…
However, Lupton’s account of Virgil is tinged with bitterness, albeit difficult to decipher one’s state of mind through another person’s assessment. Lupton’s proposal to move into the neighborhoods of the disadvantaged could certainly be a good thing at first glance. But without the benefit of a critical account of other options for mission, similar to Cardoza-Orlandi and Bosch, I was challenged to trust this method. So, I researched Lupton’s reference to Binghampton and found their website: . The accomplishments of the development corporation are impressive, and I immediately began to think about areas around the metropolitan Atlanta area that could benefit from the concept. Despite my positive feelings on corporate development, I do not believe that it replaces all other forms of…show more content…
Because we are multi-faceted, spiritual beings our needs change. Therefore, it is necessary for us to be aware of ourselves, our neighbors, and the world. We have no way knowing what the needs are without this awareness. In a real sense, our calling dictates our responsibility to each other. All of the ways in which the mission is fulfilled is a manifestation of our gifts and talents. Some people have the resources to give monetarily, some have the time to travel and work in foreign lands, and others have the gift to teach reading or computer skills. However God leads us therein lies the work to be done. There is no one way of mission; there are
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