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br> Lupus      Lupus is a potentially life threatening disease that effects about 1.5 million Americans. Lupus can effect many different parts of the body. Lupus is a type of autoimmune system disorder in which the body cannot distinguish the difference between foreign antibodies and its own organs. So basically what happens is that the body ends up attacking its own organs thinking they are foreign substances. (The Lupus Foundation of America)      There are three different types of Lupus. They are: Discoid, Systematic, and Drug-Induced. Discoid Lupus only effects a persons skin. The only symptom of Discoid Lupus is a rash. Systematic Lupus is the most common form of Lupus. It effects…show more content…
Some may include: Achy joints, Fever of over 100 degrees, arthritis, extreme fatigue, skin rashes, anxiety, kidney involvement, pain in the chest area or trouble breathing, rash, light sensitivity, hair loss, blood clotting problems, seizures, and mouth and nose ulcers. This is a giant list of symptoms, but many people who have Lupus do not experience more then one or two of these symptoms. (The Lupus Foundation of America, The Lupus Page)      There are many different ways to treat Lupus. The most common treatment does not cure Lupus, but minimizes the symptoms and reduces inflammation. Support groups to help relieve anxiety and regular exercise can help treat the disease as well. There are a bunch of drugs that can be prescribed to help treat the specific symptoms. Most of these drugs are anti-inflammatory drugs. Some of them are as simple as over the counter painkillers like Tylenol, while others can be powerful steroids with anti-inflammatory agents in them. (The Lupus Foundation of America, The Lupus Page)      In conclusion Lupus is definitely a very serious disease that we must learn more about. My great aunt had Lupus for over ten years and during that time suffered in ways no person should have to. She would fall down constantly and break bones. Near the end of her life, she would break bones doing stuff as simple as getting out of bed.

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