Lupus Research Institute Is The Only Nonprofit Organization

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The Lupus Research Institute is the only nonprofit organization in the nation’s that solely dedicated to the novel research in Lupus. Their main office is located in New York City. They also have a Midwest division office that is located in Chicago. That is partnering with the state and the local Lupus organizations that are nationwide. The Lupus Research Institute were founded in 2000 (Guide Star). They were founded by patients, their families also some leading scientists. They also go by the name LRI it is short for the Lupus Research Institute. They believe the innovative research will be the key to finding safe and more effective treatments and a cure for Lupus (Lupus Research Institute, 2000). If they do that will be good for a lot of people who have Lupus. Also it will be good for some people who have to watch what kind of medication they take. Their mission is to have a major medical breakthrough to get the cure for Lupus (Lupus Research Institute, 2000). So far they are on the right track to get help for the 1.5 million Americans and also the millions around the world. Since 2000 they now have the largest number also the widest range of Lupus research investigation nationwide (Lupus Research Institute, 2000). With them have that much might have a breakthrough some where in their research. If they don’t they might find something that they did not know like them is doing now. They also have 61 academic medical centers that are across 22 states. For them to be in 22
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