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PJT495 Final Report

Azell Ramey

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Business Plan

Executive Summary,
Ramey Airport Solution Services was founded in 2011 and aspires to be the only company that serves as the air travel regulation standard adherence company. The company will provide passengers with products that are within federal regulation standards, so that the traveling public does not have to waste money by discarding personal products such as tooth paste, cologne, perfume and other toiletries that they purchase that are usually to large a quantity to be accepted on commercial airlines.

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Managements Desires to
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This is an occurrence at the airports throughout the United States on a daily basis. The tools and methods we use to utilize resources to productive measures that save what would be discard by these airports. It is really important for people to salvage some of their toiletries as opposed to throwing it all away. Passengers are not aware of regulations, and we do not feel that they should be forced to discard their personal belongings because of this.

Company Funding & Capital Requirements
We are seeking $100,000 per station which will enable us to create the containers as well as a booth to sale the products in every airport. As key risk taker for my company I would be willing to take out loans as well as allowing investors the opportunity to buy stakes in the company as well.

Key Management Positions

The management team is led by Chief Executive Officer Azell Ramey who founded the company in 2011. Azell Ramey created the company after working as airline employee at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport for over 10 years. He attained his Associates Degree in Business Management from the I.T.T. Technical Institute in 2009.

Primary Job Duties and Responsibilities

Operations would have a booth style store located in DTW, LGA, ATL, JFK, LAX, ORD respectively. Our total full time staff would be 8-10 people per station. The store would not require many employees; two or three

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