Lust In Susan's Minot

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In Susan’s Minot short story “Lust”, we get to see how lust can make you feel like “a piece of veal (421) and how you “open your legs but can’t or dare anymore, to open your heart.”(421) The narrator starts off by having sex and remembering all the details on where, when and who it happened with, who doesn’t’ remember their first time right? She starts to become a so called slut. She starts realizing that all the guys only want her for this and after they had sex she “seem to have disappeared.” (421) After she had sex with so many guys, she started to forget names and really not care about them but only want the sex. The narrator has sex with so many different guys, and so often that she forgets what feelings are. It’s certain that she cared at the beginning of her lust journey. Her first one was Leo, she remembers the details from this time and we can tell it was the first time because it was “the first one I ever saw nude.” (415) Leo was a golden child it seemed like because after everything happened between these two “he had a halo from the campus light behind him” (415), this could be a sign of him being a saint. She then decides to move on to the next one, she realizes that she had the nice kid but now wants a bad boy, who would always try and…show more content…
Almost like her parents didn’t even know who she was anymore. The narrator thought that “sleeping with someone was perfectly normal once you had done it” and afterward, “you didn’t really worry about it” (418), but there were always more things to worry about then just the sex. “It was different for a girl” than a guy with how many your body count was. (417) For a guy, “the more girls a boy has, the better”, but “for a girl, each boy it’s as though a petal gets plucked each time.” (419) This quote represents most of the story because she is saying as she goes on the story that she isn’t herself anymore, nor feels like

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